2014: DiSCovery II

Our 2014 Canoe is space-themed, incorporating space graphics, an asteroid, space rocks, a robot (WALL-E), a space shuttle, and more! We formed five sub-teams this year to maximize our efforts, and it paid off. Due to structural integrity concerns, we built a 2nd canoe, hence the name DiSCovery II.

DiSCovery II came out as our best canoes in recent history. It made it through the races with flying colors; not a single crack or chip in the hull. Our paddlers took advantage of its excellent speed on straightaways, making it to the small finals in every sprint race. Our Men’s Sprints team went on to win the small final, matching our Women’s Endurance team’s 6th place finish and our 6th place overall canoe finish. Our design paper won 3rd place at PSWC!