2015: Jurassic

In 2015, we were inspired by the film Jurassic Park. Our canoe graphic incorporated a jungle scene, dinosaurs, and of course, the iconic scratches. Building on our successes from last year, we made iterative improvements to the structural design of the canoe, focusing on execution and a stronger understanding of the engineering of concrete canoes. We also conducted successful experiments in staining the exterior of the canoe. Jurassic is our most structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing canoe in recorded history.

Although our altered hull made the canoe turn a little more than expected, our paddlers still performed well, with our Women’s Endurance team placing 6th, and our Women’s Sprint team finishing at an impressive, record high 4th place! Additionally, our design paper was a repeat 3rd place winner. Overall, the USC Concrete Canoe team took home 5th place!